Nose to Tail - The Forgotten Cuts

Nose to Tail - The Forgotten Cuts
Number 86/18
Status Registration end
Begin 06-04-2019, 10:00
End 06-04-2019, 17:00
Closing date 04-04-2019, 12:00
Bookable 14
Fees 95.00 € p.p.

Nose to Tail - The Forgotten Cuts

Learn to take lesser used and known cuts of meat and turn them into a feast for the senses! As these cuts are usually cheaper you can learn to feed your family with sumptuous dishes at a fraction of the cost!

The forgotten cuts truly are being forgotten and are often the tastiest parts of an animal - we need to re-learn what these cuts are, to not be afraid to order them from your butcher and to then be able to turn them into food fit for royalty!


All classes are subject to minimum numbers / Braitheann gach rang ar uimhreacha

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